Benefits of Jumping Jacks – Different Variants of the Exercise

Jumping jacks are a whole-body exercise that helps tone the muscles. The benefits of jumping jacks are endless as it not only helps you lose weight but improves your health heart. Check out more benefits as you read ahead. However, it is vital to do this workout properly so that you can achieve those benefits.

The best thing about jumping jacks is that you do not need any equipment or a lot of space. It can be done anywhere and everywhere. Furthermore, it is a type of plyometric workout, which means aerobic movements. The movements increase stability, stamina, and speed.

Jumping jacks are helpful for health since they syndicate heart conditioning with strength. When someone jumps, they are going against gravity and using the body mass for resistance, which boosts their core strength. Moreover, continuous recurrence of the move makes the heart rate go up and makes the cardiovascular system stronger and fitter.

Jumping jacks mainly works on:

  • Core
  • Hip flexors
  • Biceps
  • Glutes
  • Hamstrings

Examples of some plyometric workouts are:

  • Box jumps
  • Jumping Rope
  • Burpees
  • Clap Push Up
  • Squat jumps

11 Benefits of Jumping Jacks

There are numerous explanations why jumping jacks are effective. Here are 10 such reasons why you should include it in your daily workout routine:

Keep the Heart Strong and Healthy

It is a type of aerobic workout, which means an individual uses oxygen according to the energy they need and stimulates the heart’s muscles. That means the heart has to pump more blood that supplies oxygen and takes back carbon dioxide blood from our cells. This improves the heart muscle and other organs such as the liver, kidney, lungs. So, this workout maintains the health of the heart.

Help to Weight Loss

Weight loss is one of the best benefits of jumping jacks. It will reduce the extra calorie and generate negative energy stability in the body. Thus, it means the person has used a lot more energy than the calories they have consumed.

If a person eats ‘X’ calories, then by doing jumping jacks, they use up ‘2X’ energy, which is the main rule to lose weight. Do 4 sets of 40 reps, and you will see in few months you have lost quite a lot of weight.

Better Coordination

When you do jumping jacks, you move both your legs and arms at the same time. This will improve the coordination between the legs, arms, and brain. Moreover, you will have a clearer picture of balance, posture, and timing.

Give Relief from Stress

Relieve from stress and anxiety is another great benefit of jumping jacks. This happens because when you are moving your hands and legs simultaneously, the brain releases a type of hormone known as serotonin. It is a hormone that makes a person feel good about themselves. Adrenalin is also released, which makes a person feel the excitement. Both these hormones help make a person happy and excited and decreases their stress levels.

Best warm-up exercise

Warm-ups are important before you start your main workout session. Jumping jacks helps to relax the muscles of the hips, back, legs and core. A set of 15 to 20 reps is excellent as a warm-up.

Workout the Full Body

While doing jumping jacks, you move the hands up and down, spread the legs, and jump at the same time. Thus, making this work out a full-body exercise. This exercise works on the hamstrings, core, glutes, biceps, calves, quads, triceps, etc. If you want it to be more effective, then increase the speed and add more sets gradually.

More Flexibility

If you are someone who has never done any workout in life and sit for long hours due to work every day, then there are high chances of low flexibility.

Jumping jacks is a great workout for beginners. You probably cannot even do more than 10 jumping jacks simultaneously when you start, but it fine.

At first, start with low intensity and gradually add more reps and do it as fast as you can. The benefits of jumping jacks include making the body more flexible. The process will help you improve other exercises better.

Tone and Strengthen the Muscles

Jumping jacks helps to lose the extra fat from the body. Moreover, once you can do the high intense jumping jacks, it also strengthens and tones the muscles such as calves, arms, shoulders, and thighs.

Boost Stamina and Stability

Once you can do jumping jacks perfectly, where you can co-ordinate your limbs and jumps, you will improve the stability. Moreover, doing more reps every set and have more sets will also boost your stamina levels.

The Bones Become Stronger

Working out daily has a lot of health benefits, both mentally and physically. The benefits of jumping jacks regularly have been effective for bone density, which will make a person feel much stronger and healthier.

Daily workout will provide additional benefits of jumping jacks:

  • Maintain the blood pressure levels
  • Decreases bad cholesterol or the low-density lipoprotein (LDL)
  • Increase the good cholesterol levels or high-density lipoprotein (HDL)
  • Improved insulin sensitivity

How to do Jumping Jacks

Like any exercise, it is vital to confirm you are doing jumping jacks in the correct method.

First, stand straight and keep legs together with both hands on the side.

Second, bend the knees a little and jump.

Third, once you are jumping, spread the legs about one foot apart. The hands should be over the head so that it almost looks like you are clapping them together.

Finally, jump again to go back to the original position and repeat the process.

You can include it in your daily routine, but it is best to do it every alternative day so that the muscles can recover.

Beginners should start with 3 sets with 5 jumping jacks and increase the sets and number of jumping jacks each set in due time.

Safety tips:

  1. Always jump on an even and flat ground. It is best to do it on a grass or rubber surface, which will absorb the shock. Doing it on a floor made of cement is not the best option.
  2. Wear sports shoes. Boots, sandals, flip flops are not a good option.
  3. Please do not overdo it. If you cannot do it after 5 jumping jacks, then stop. Everyone’s body is different so take your own time to increase the intensity.
  4. Consider getting a trainer if you are starting exercising. Proper form is much need. Otherwise, you can hurt yourself.
  5. It is better to do 10 high intense jumping jacks instead of 50 low impact jumping jacks. Always remember, the faster it is, the better.
  6. Maybe go on a walk before you start your jumping jacks; it is important to warm-up your body. Though, it is for beginners mainly.

Variations of Jumping Jacks

Here are some types of jumping jacks to try once you grip the basic:

Squat jack

Start by doing the normal jumping jacks, then once you come down to lower yourself in a squat posture. Remember, the legs should be wider than the shoulders, and the toes should be turned outside. Keep the arms behind the head when you are continuing to jump, exactly like the basic jumping jacks.

Rotational Jumping Jack

Do this variation if you want your jumping jacks to be more intense. Stand with the feet together and keep the arms at the chest.

Jump and land in a squat position. The legs should be wider than that of the shoulders; make sure the toes are outward.

When landing in a squat position, rotate the upper body and touch the right or left hand on the ground. At the same time, move the other hand towards the sky. Again, jump back to the original position.

Low Impact Jumping Jacks

This is mainly for people who have some leg injury or just starting with exercise. Bring the left hand and reach outwards and step the right leg outward at the same time.

While staying in that position, do the same with your right side. Now, bring the left hand and leg to the center and then the right hand and leg. This is a complete cycle.

How much calorie is burned?

An individual who weighs 70 kilograms will lose 20 calories if they do 100 jumping jacks in two minutes. That means high-intensity jumping jacks. However, if someone is over 100 kilograms, then they will lose 15 calories while doing the same number of jumping jacks in two minutes. By doing high-intensity jumping jacks for 10 minutes, a person will lose 100 calories in total.

How Many Repetitions Per Day?

There is no fixed rule on how many sets and reps you should do daily.

You will most probably want to start with low-intensity jumping jacks will only one set and 10 to 15 jumping jacks.

If you are already working out but want to add jumping jacks to your schedule, you can do from 100 to 200 jumping jacks each day.

Any Risks While Doing Jumping Jacks?

The main risk is that you can hurt yourself generally on the lower part of the body, such as the ankle and knee. Like any other work out it is riskier if you start with the intense jumping jacks. Moreover, if you have some health issues such as joint pain and muscle wounds, it is better to talk to a doctor first.

For most individuals, jumping jacks is generally safe, including kids, teenagers, young adults, and older people.

Jumping Jacks Alternative Workout Instead of Running?

It can be a good alternative to running on a treadmill or cycling. All these 3 exercises raise the heart rate, but only jumping jacks move your whole body, making it a full-body workout.

Adding jumping jacks to your workout routine will give you more strength and flexibility for sports that require a lot of movement. Also, in a study, it is shown that it is good for bone health.

In the study, rats were doing jumping exercises for two months, and about 200 to 250 jumps every week. After 2 months, when their bone density was measured, it had immense improvement. The rats even maintain it for six months when the intensity was decreased to as low as 20 jumps every week.

Is It Okay to Do Jumping Jacks During Pregnancy?

According to doctors, a pregnant woman should do 20 to 30 minutes of low or medium-intensity workout daily. Exercising will keep you fit, have a healthy weight, and decreases the risk of getting gestational diabetes.

The doctors do not say no to jumping jacks, but they did ask pregnant women to do low-intensity workouts. They are much safer than high-intensity workouts for the growing baby in the womb.

Your doctor can say the best work out which will suit you and every trimester has different sets of workout routine. However, if you have a normal pregnancy, you might need to do such exercises. Talk to the doctor if you should continue or not. Remember, pregnancy affects and distresses the joints and your stability, so be careful.

Final thoughts

Since you now know all the benefits of jumping jacks, it might motivate you to start working out daily. Not only jumping jacks but any exercise will make you stronger, healthier, and more fit. However, whichever exercises you choose or whatever variation of jumping jacks you choose, make sure you do it for a minimum of 30 minutes. Try to keep the intensity not too low or too high.

You can add jumping jacks to your workout routine and do it every alternative day or give a rest for 2 to 3 days. It is best to rest between each session and mix it with another workout to avoid injuries.

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