Are You Psychic? Look for the Signs

Those who study psychic phenomena believe that everyone has a psychic ability to some degree. There are few in life who cannot think of at least one instance in which they have instances of telepathy or precognition, communicating through thoughts and knowing what will happen, respectively. For some this happens often, for others, only once. If this happens to you often, then you may wonder if you can be considered a psychic. There are some signs to look for that will be shared.

Who Is Calling

When the phone rings unexpectedly, we have all had at least one occurrence in which we know who is calling or we have known that a person was going to call before the phone rings. When it happens once, you can consider it a coincidence or if you guess it is someone because they regularly call, then it can be dismissed. However, if you have ever sense a phone call from someone completely unexpected, like someone you have not spoken to in several years, then the phone rings and they are on the other line, this may be a psychic phenomenon. This would be known as precognition or knowing something before it happens. If this is something that happens to you often, then there is likelihood you are psychic. Here review on

Someone Is In Trouble

It is perfectly normal to worry about our loved ones. This is especially true when they are away or travelling. It is natural for parents to worry about children while they are at school or on a trip with friends, but we try to temper this with reason as we realize we cannot always be with the ones we love. However, there have been cases in which a parent knows without a doubt that something has happened to their child or that they are in trouble. This is not like ordinary worry. This is an intense feeling that persists so long that the parent must check on the child. In these cases, there has often been something happen. This psychic connection has been well documented between parents and children, siblings, twins, and spouses/partners. If you have these experiences, then you may be showing signs of being psychic.

Recognizing an Unknown Place

If you have ever gone into someone’s house that you have never visited before, but feel it is highly familiar or been house shopping and feel like you know everything about a new home, then you may be psychic. This is not a general feeling of ease, but knowing things like how a room is decorated, about small issues, or where each room is located even though you have not seen it before.

It may be that you have been to the home and just forgot or maybe, it is déjà vu, a feeling that you have done or seen the exact thing before. Déjà vu is most often a fleeting feeling though and is brief in the feeling or exchange. So, if the feeling is lasting then you may be psychic.

Prophetic Dreams

We all dream in wide variety. Some dreams are about people we know, famous people, or even world events, so it is reasonable to think that at times what happens in our dreams will eventually come true in reality. However, if you often dream about things that then pass in great detail, aligned with the dream, in real life, then these may be prophetic dreams. Prophetic dreams are reported to be different in that they are vivid, compelling, and highly detailed. If you have these types of dreams often, record them as soon as you awake so you have a record. Then watch for them to come true in real life as evidence of psychic ability.

Sensing Something from Touch

If you have ever picked up something that id not belong to you and suddenly knew its owner or its history or shook hands with someone new and felt you instantly knew all about them, then you may be psychic. It could be that you are just extremely perceptive and can see or touch people and objects and learn a great deal, but if you can offer accurate details that you shouldn’t know, you may be a rarity. This gift is known as extrasensory perception or psychometry.

Sharing Foresight for Your Friends

Finally, if you have a habit of telling friends and family about specifics in an experience they are soon to have or warn them of dangers and decisions in which you are often right, then you may have psychic abilities. Since we know our friends and family members well, we can logically predict some things, good and bad. These are reasonable guesses. However, the psychic side of things are strong feelings that arise from nowhere and not out of what you know about the person. You will feel compelled to tell them. If these issues or results come to pass, then you may be psychic.

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