Minecraft Mods You Can Use To Make Your World Challenging

Minecraft has opened a lot of possibilities for its players. The possibilities are limitless. You can create your world, enchant, and craft stuff. No wonder millions of gamers around the world enjoy playing this game. But to make things more interesting, you can check out some Minecraft mods.

What are Minecraft Mods?

For those who are not familiar, Minecraft Modifications are that you can use to change the gameplay of your world, enhance appearances, and improve the overall gaming experience. There are thousands of mods that you can download and use for free. But if you are still not sure about what must-have mods you should use, check out these best Minecraft mods.

Hunger OverHaul Minecraft mods

In Minecraft, you need to harvest food to survive. But if you feel like eating is not much of a challenge anymore, you can use the Hunger Overhaul mod. This mod turns hunger into a challenge, where you can reduce the value of each food item. The strategy will make you look for more food and their nutritional value.

Dungeon Pack

If you are in search of an adventure, then you are in luck! The Dungeon Pack places 20 different dungeons in your world. You need to look for them and complete the quests for each. You’ll encounter treasures, bosses, forts, and prisons! Make sure to pack up some potions and equipment because it will be very useful during your journey. You’ll be rewarded with lots of treasures for every dungeon you conquer.

Minecraft Comes Alive Minecraft mods

If you want to change the gameplay of your world, then this mod should do the trick. If you are also a fan of the game Sims, you will love Minecraft Comes Alive. From the mod’s name, Al-controlled villages will be automatically added to your world. You can also use this to switch to multiplayer and play with your friends. Just like Sims, you can interact with other villagers, ask them for favors, trade, and even marry and have children!


This is one of the most difficult mods that you’ll ever encounter. RLCraft, or Real Life mod, makes everything in your world more challenging. With this mod, it is guaranteed that you’ll die. A lot. This mod turns the game into an RPG, where you can slay some dragons, dungeons, and dangers. Once you’ve mastered this world, you can call yourself the King of Minecraft.

Deadly World

No place is safe with Deadly World. This mod’s main objective is to kill you. There are a lot of traps, hazards, and dangers that you will encounter throughout your journey. For example, landmines, lava, trapped chests, potion traps, and fire traps are some of the hurdles that you can expect when you use this mod.

Simply Jetpacks

Why walk when you can fly? If you are on a mission or a challenge, why not be efficient and use Simply Jetpacks. You get to choose from 4 jetpacks available, depending on your needs. You’ll also see the different armor speed and ratings for each. This mod also has Fluxpacks that you can use to charge things from your inventory.


Why settle on Earth when you can go to outer space? Galacticraft can make this happen for you. You can jump from one celestial body to another with this mod. You can even build some spaceships and space stations with your friends. Exploring the moon, Mars, Venus, and Sun has never been this fun!

The Lost Cities

If you are in the mood to explore something old, Lost Cities is the best pick. Well, we are talking about the post-apocalyptic era where you need to do everything to survive the conditions. Tour the crumbling world, haunted houses, and dungeons while collecting loots. This mod is fun to play with friends.

Forever Stranded

Have you imagined being stuck in a place during a zombie apocalypse? With this mod, your dreams will come true. Forever Stranded is a mod where you need to survive by killing zombies. Did we mention that the setting is in the middle of a sandy desert? Yes, you need to look for water and food to survive, on top of the not so friendly guests. This mod is a real adrenaline kicker that you can also play with your friends!

Download Minecraft Mods now

What do you think about this list? These are only some of the many mods that you can use to make your world more challenging. You can pick which mod fits your mood. Most of them are free and have a multiplayer option!

Minecraft has been around for a long time. Thanks to mods, each game can be more interesting and not static. After you master all these mods, you will be the master of strategy.

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