8 Top Waterproof Combat Boots for Women

Adventure sports and the great outdoors are the siren’s call for the youth, sports lovers, the young at heart, and those who respond to the siren’s call of the wild. Having trusted companions in life and on such sojourns requires trusted companions. The shoes are one of our trusted companions, carrying us through the experience and the day without letting us down.

More and more women are getting into adventure sports and joining professions that demand extreme physical strength and agility, which requires appropriate gear for tough activities—shoes or boots are one of the essential items. Tommy Hilfiger shoes for women are one of the best companions for women in all their activities.

The best global brands are creating combat boots for women that are comfortable, sturdy, and trendy. With such a wide range of choices available for combat boots, it can be confusing to pick the best pair you can count on.

Combat boots are made for walking on rough terrain, and they will help you walk wherever you wish to go.

Combat boots are given to the civil world by the military, for which they were initially created. Due to their waterproof construction, they are the best shoe not just for an active lifestyle and adventures but also for winter and rain. Shoes that add an edge to any outfit are often considered symbols of rebellion against social norms.

We have compiled a list of some of the best combat boots with a brief mention of their qualities to make the selection process easier.

Women’s top waterproof combat boots

  1. Sam Edelman Garret Combat Platform Boots: Touted as the best combat boot with a fashionable, classy touch to the original military boots, the Sam Edelman Garret Combat platform boot is a lace-up mid-calf length shoe in pure leather with a durable and comfortable lug sole with excellent traction. The boots have a waterproof finish to protect your feet in rain and snow.
  2. Amazon Essentials Women’s Lace-up Combat Boot: This boot is one of the most affordable classic-looking boots on the market, without sacrificing quality or comfort. A popular pair among female customers, the boots are very comfortable after breaking them in and have room for adding insoles for additional support.
  3. Martens 1460 Slip-Resistant Service Boots: Dr. Martens, or “doc” Martens, is a name most are familiar with and is predominantly known for their combat boots. Iconic lace-up boots have air-cushioned and heavy-duty lug soles for added comfort, traction, and long, arduous hikes. The lining is breathable and moisture-wicking to keep your feet dry and comfortable.
  4. KKP Women’s Lace-up Knee-High Riding Combat Boots: Fashion trends follow a cycle, with old trends, such as knee-high boots, making a comeback in the presentKKP is a delectably versatile combination of riding and combat boots, giving them an elevated look. Their well-padded faux fur lining adds extra warmth and comfort for chilly winter days, and it looks equally stunning with short skirts as skinny jeans. The Flavia knee-high combat boots are styled similarly, the latest offering from Tommy Hilfiger shoes for women.
  5. SOUL Naturalizer Ozzy Bootie: The best combat boots for wide and large feet due to their wide-width sizing. These boots are vegan as they are constructed in faux leather, which looks like real leather and is waterproof.
  6. Universal Thread Women’s Kolbi Combat Boots: Eye-catching canvas combat shoes with exceptional-looking heels and memory foam insoles make walking in heels a pleasurable and comfortable experience.
  7. Charles & Keith Tweed and Patent Combat Boots: A fun pair of boots that can also be worn to work. They are constructed in an attractive combination of Chanel-like tweed texture with a faux patent leather heel and toe. The zippered sides make it easy to slip on and off, with a classic touch of laces for added style. The shoes are also available in solid black, two-tone green, and black.
  8. Quilted Hybrid Ridged Boots: A technically designed hybrid boot with ridged detailing and quilted sides, these Tommy Hilfiger shoes for women are made of recycled polyester and leather with a polyurethane and polyester lining, which makes these shoe water resistant. The lace-up front and thick soles make these boots easy to wear and comfortable on long hauls.




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