7 amazing free hookup apps that you must try

In the earlier days of the Internet, there was no such concept of online dating or hookup apps, so, the question of finding a suitable partner with the help of the Internet was out of sight. Now that technology has evolved a thousand times from the beginning, getting a match online has become easier than ever! 

Since the introduction of hookup apps, the popularity has skyrocketed as the need for finding a partner or a hookup is the real deal of today’s generation. Not only are there suitable choices for millennials, but also older people who can filter out their choices and get a date. There are a number of hookup apps which are free for the users and work just as well as a paid app. 

Check out this list of the best paid and free hookup apps 

  • Mega hookup

This hookup app is free and something out of the world. While this app maintains its originality, Megahookup has collected some great features from other popular dating apps and put them together in one platform. It has quite a bit of similarity to Benaughty, but a huge number of its users do not have to pay anything and have fun with single users for free.

The thing to love the most about this app is the interactive features. There is a constructive feedback option, which gives feedback to every user on their respective photos as well as profile. This feature will certainly guarantee your ending up with a partner. There is also a point system, in which you shall gain points as much as you use the app.

  • Be Naughty

When we talk about online hookup sites that are literally free, OKCupid has been a prevalent source for online dating for huge numbers of men and women. Benaughty is another app which provides the users with information about potential hookup partners, without giving out excess information. It is simple to build a profile and uses a combination of yes or no questions and a few open-ended ones.

Whether you are looking for a hookup or a relationship, the users are pretty evenly biased between the two options. And the app gives possibility scores set on percentages, so you can genuinely see how well you match with the different types of users. This is a great feature because you would not be wasting your time on people who are not interested. 

  • Naughty Hookup

It would be a shame not to include Naughtyhookup on the list of the best free hookup apps, as it has become so diverse in the hookup culture. This was the original hookup app which introduced the “swipe right, swipe left” feature that has become so popular in today’s world and has made its way in other apps.

The algorithm of this app depends heavily on users’ Facebook profiles. This could be a con relying on the fact of how much of a social media user you are. The pros of this app are that users can sign up easily without any money.

  • Flirt

Flirt is another great app to make an appearance in the online hookup scene. This app is mainly used by a lot of people who are looking for something serious; this hookup app is made for the people looking for partners in the no-strings-attached or casual relationships. The user number in this app is quite large; there are over 4 million daily users and about 50,000 new people signing up each day.

Profiles are much more different and lengthier with information about the users than the other free hookup apps; this app is completely opposite of apps like Tinder. This is mainly because the user is asked to fill out information when they are signing up.

  • PURE

If you are looking for a hookup app and only a hookup app, Pure might be the way to go. Many of its features are unheard of in the dating world. This site is so discreet that it deletes your profile every hour. Confused as to why? This practice has several interesting implications. 

First, it motivates people to make a date and share information. So, the people who are not actually serious about hooking up do not really use it. Secondly, this app has high data security, as any given information is bound to get deleted in an hour.

  • MeetLocals

There is so much say about MeetLocals; it definitely has become one of the favourite hookup apps. 

This dating and hookup site has many ways to get hooked. Users can make use of the app’s “hot or not” feature to engage with other users. There is also an amazing geo-location feature, which allows the users to find partners in their area.

  • FriendFinder-X

Are you bored of wasting your time dating casually, with people who want more? If hookups are something that you are interested in, then FriendFinder-X is the app for you. The best feature of this app is that it rates its users on the basis on the hotness and even if you do not get a match, you can watch adult videos and get in chat rooms for all you want.

So what are you waiting for? Download any of these apps and start having some fun. Afterall all, who knows what might happen in future.

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