6 Popular Master’s Degrees for the Future

With technology rapidly reshaping our world, it is essential to have a master’s degrees for the future of your career by gaining skills that will give you an edge over your competitors today and years from now. 

Furthering Your Education

Many recent graduates are considering advancing their education to secure a stable career. The most convenient way to do this is with an online master’s degree. 

With the online platform, you can study when you get off work, before your kids wake up in the morning, or at another suitable time. The education doesn’t need to break the bank either; there are affordable online data science masters programs, in addition to dual degree programs

Popular master’s degrees for the future are:

MS in Accounting

The future of accounting goes well beyond just looking at numbers. To gain an edge in this field, you need to know how to use new software in your line of work. 

An MSA can help you be ready for the CPA exam and add skills like data interpretation to your resume. Doing so will open new career opportunities for you. 

MS in Data Science

Courses for a master’s degree in data science are developed considering the skills and knowledge business managers look for when they hire new employees. The curriculum for this advanced degree considers the simple fact that all the theory learned in school is useless if you don’t know how to apply it in real life. 

MS in Business Analytics

Master’s degrees for the future in business analytics is designed to help hone in on effective problem-solving skills by using the latest technology. AI (artificial intelligence) tools can gather a wealth of data, but studying to become a business analyst helps you translate the information and understand what it means for the field you work in. 

MS in Management 

To be a successful manager, you need good leadership skills. That does not refer to telling people what to do. 

Before you can be an effective manager, though, you must understand what people in your organization do and, more importantly, you need to be able to tell where your company should be going. You should address all the challenges along the way. 

You will know how to do each of these things as a master’s degree grad. Focus on either organizational leadership or analytics, depending on your career plans.

MS in Healthcare Analytics 

If you’re considering a career in healthcare management, you must be good at predicting trends in the healthcare industry. In a rewarding position as a healthcare analyst, you will help prepare an organization to meet the demands that arise in the future. A master’s degree will help you look at the data and predict the future needs of an organization.

Project Management Program

Project management programs are open to students with a STEM or business background. It is a complex curriculum that combines engineering, product innovation, and design with business analytics, financial principles, or leadership skills. You will need all these skills and know-how if you see yourself in a managerial position in ten years. 


The Master’s Degrees for the Future belongs to those who understand the need for higher-level learning. You can look forward to gaining the skills and knowledge that will take you to the top of your profession.

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