6 Minimalist Tips to Organize Your Life This Year

In the past year, the world has changed a great deal. With COVID-19 still cases still on the rise, humanity as a whole is still undergoing a great ordeal. However, we should not let the current situation rule us. We should still strive to lead ordered lives. One way to do this is to use minimalism to organize your everyday life. By doing so, you will be able to have a more centered outlook on life. In this blog, you will know about 6 Minimalist Tips to Organize Your Life This Year.

1. Get Rid of Excess Furniture in Your Home

One of the main reasons why some homes get cluttered is that there are usually too many pieces of furniture at home. You might already have an existing set of furniture at home, however, you might want to get a new style of furniture, which leads you to buy more. Although it might feel a bit cramped having multiple sets of furniture at home, you still feel that it would be wasteful to throw away your old set of furniture. 

So instead of throwing it away, or donating it to charity, you choose to keep it in your home. Yet it is important to note that a crowded home is not conducive to a healthy state of mind. So if you want to follow a minimalist philosophy, you should get rid of all your excess furniture. This will not only make it easier for you to arrange your home, but it will also make it more calming to live in.

2. Use Only a Minimal Number of Decorations

Although there is no harm in decorating your home, you should remember that too many decorations could make your home look chaotic and disordered. If you plaster your walls with a hodgepodge of decorations, it won’t look attractive at all. Instead, it will just look messy and disoriented. Which won’t help your peace of mind at all. So if you are going to decorate your home, you should be more discerning about your decorations, and limit yourself to a few choice items.

3. Keep Only the Things That Give You Joy

Minimalism is all about disposing of non-essential things. However, it could be somewhat difficult to choose what you should throw away. To simplify this process, you should follow a set rule. Which is to only keep the things that give you joy. If an object is still useful to you, and it actively gives you joy, then keep it. On the other hand, if an object has not been used for the past few months and is just lying there, then you should throw it away.

4. Organize Your Pantry and Kitchen

When it comes to organizing your home, you should really start with your kitchen. Remember that it is where you store and cook all your food. If your organizational skills are sloppy, and the kitchen is a mess, then you will have a lot of trouble on hand. The biggest hazard to sloppy kitchen organizations is attracting vermin like rats and cockroaches. Remember that these kinds of animals are scavengers, and if you leave half-opened food packets all over your kitchen, then they will readily inhabit your kitchen. So it is imperative that you organize your kitchen and pantry. 

First things first, you should organize your condiments and spices. They are important because they are constantly being used for cooking, and if you don’t put them away well after use, they might go bad. So you should find them an effective storage method. You could try the more traditional glass containers, and store your spices and condiments there. However, these kinds of containers are very fragile, and will certainly shatter if you drop them. 

Here, it is advisable that you purchase flexible plastic containers. These types of containers are highly durable and can be reused again. Logos Pack is a great example of a spice packaging pouch manufacturer for you to consider. It is a well-known company and offers a myriad of great flexible plastic container options that are easy to use, durable and reusable.

Aside from your condiments and spices, it is best that you clear out spoiled food from your fridge and pantry. Take the time to check their expiration dates, and dispose of them properly. It is also important that you clean your cutlery and kitchenware because any residue of food or sauces could attract vermin to your kitchen. Keeping your kitchen clean might be a lot of work, however, it will surely help your home stay clean and organized.

5. Let Natural Light Into Your Home

If you want your home to be more calming, it is a good idea to let natural light into your home. Natural light is in layman’s terms the light that comes from the sun, and when it comes to illumination, it is by far the most potent. There are a lot of benefits to flooding your home with natural light. First things first, it is a very potent source of vitamin D. This vitamin is very effective in preventing the development of bone loss, heart disease, weight gain, and various cancers. Aside from the health benefits, natural light also has mood-lightening effects and is very effective at keeping depression at bay. 

So it is a good idea to use natural light in your home design. Take time to open up your windows every day, and let in the fresh sir. This will ensure that your home doesn’t feel too constricted or cramped. Natural light also has a very beautiful effect on an environment and could enhance feelings of peace and serenity. Another way you could fully utilize natural light is to add mirrors into your home design. 

By installing mirrors in your home, the natural light will ricochet from them and spread all over your home. Aside from using mirrors, it is best that you avoid drapes and use screens instead. Drapes tend to create a suffocating atmosphere and prevent the natural light from coming in. It is also a good idea to use neutral colors such as peach, pink, lavender, or flesh tones. By utilizing these mild colors, you will be able to make your home design more luminous

6. Be Consistent With Your Cleaning

When it comes to adapting minimalist practices for organizing your home, consistent cleaning is always key. Even if you give away some of your old clothes or furniture, but if your home is still cluttered by old paraphernalia, and everything is covered by a thick layer of dust, then you will still have a hard time attaining peace of mind. 

So make it a habit to clean your home on a weekly basis. With COVID-19 cases still on the rise, it is important that you disinfect your home on a daily basis. This will help you relax and attain peace of mind at home. 


With the pandemic currently happening, life could seem a bit uncertain. As a way to clear your mind, and rid yourself of other sources of stress, it is a good idea to adopt a more organized lifestyle. Luckily with these tips, you can do that and so much more.

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